New Place to Live for My Uncle and His Newly Adopted Girls

I got this uncle that ended up with two adopted girls and a new place to live in a very short period of time. He was not married, but has a friend who works in social services. The two little girls were abandoned and my uncle is very soft-hearted. He is also the perfect father type even though he is a nervous wreck thinking he is the worse choice for the girls. However, they absolutely love him and their new apartment in Manchester CT. He was living in a smaller apartment before he applied to foster the girls. He is a cop who educates in his spare time about protecting children from child abuse and how having good parents makes all the difference.

He never thought he could foster a child as a single parent let alone adopt, but his record of service, training and reputation made him the perfect person to adopt those little girls. No one would ever hurt them again with my uncle as their dad. He is a big man who makes bad guys cringe, but has a heart of gold for kids. He can be like a grizzly in bad situations on the job, but he is a Teddy Bear with family and friends.

He is the only guy I know to adopt kids first then get married. He was dating a beautiful woman who is a nurse at a regional hospital. They had not even talked about marriage. He did not know what she would say when he told her he was going to foster and then adopt the girls. She was all for it. It was shortly after that when he proposed. They did not actually get married until the adoption went through. Then she officially became their mom. I have visited their apartment many times. It is a really nice place with a big outdoor swimming pool and spacious floor plans. The whole grounds are kept really nice. I think I will look into leasing there when my lease is up early next year.