Installing an Air Suspension Kit

Wanted: 1969 Chevrolet Nova ss Coupe for sale in Merritt, British ...I can not say that I would be interested in doing this for myself, but I have been offered a deal which would be pretty sweet for me if it does not turn out to be a quagmire. A friend of mine has a 1971 Nova SS sitting behind his barn. He blew up the 350 small block and it has been sitting there for a couple of years. Of course that thing has a powerful thirst for petrol, but I happen to have a 350 small block which would drop right into it. It came out of a totaled GMC El Caballero. Last winter we had an ice storm and a big oak tree absolutely destroyed everything save the engine, the rear end and the transmission. So I could take that Nova SS and put my engine in it next weekend.

First however I have get hold of an air suspension kit for a 2008 Toyota Tundra and install it in this boy’s truck. I know that I can do this, but I do not know if it is going to be practical for me try. Of course the boy needs his truck, so I have to be able to do it in two or perhaps three days at most. I am sure my buddies will help me if necessary and if that costs me a few cold beers so be it. I am looking for some really good and precise tutorials and a firm grip on exactly what tools are needed. If it were my vehicle I would not sweat it at all. It would just be something I would look at as an adventure. Any obstacles would be overcome, but it might not be on a schedule like this. Of course I have an extra set of wheels to drive and this fellow is not going to be borrowing a vehicle from me. His handling of a gearshift offends my sensibilities.