Getting Ready for Our First Child

The baby shall be here soon and we are really trying to get all of the stuff that we need and do all of the stuff that we need to do. Of course there are dozens of things you have to buy, like baby food, diapers, diaper bags, car seats, changing tables and cradles. Amy Lynn has decided that she shall breast feed this one and she has started looking at breast pumps recently. I am not really involved in that decision. She made up her mind and I contributed nothing to the process. If she thinks that it is the best thing for her to do for the child, then I shall agree with her. I would do the same if she decided not to do it. In fact when you use the breast pump it is all the same so far as most people can tell, because the pump takes it out of the mother’s breasts and stores in some sort of container, I would guess that it goes into a baby bottle. I have a whole lot of things that I need to do myself. I am getting the baby’s nursery ready, but of course we are thinking that we may not use it to start out. Our room is large enough so that we can put a crib in the corner without it being that big of a deal. The crib we are starting out with is rather small, a friend of Amy Lynn gave it to her. We shall obviously need a larger one when the baby grows a bit, but it is free and will work just great in the short term. I am really not sure what to do about a car seat. It seems like it will be impossible to get one to fit a newborn which will be useful in a few months.