After Switching, I Have Never Been Bored

I have complained out loud a large number of times about the price of my cable TV service. Sure, I could switch to another company, and I did on several occasions. Each place offered a discount and some other sort of promo like a free movie channel for a few months, but as soon as that trial period was over, I was stuck with the same high prices that every company had. I felt I had no choice until I ran across an article explaining that is a good site that will help you get more familiar with what Netflix to offer. After visiting there, I realized they were right.

Having hard of their service countless times, I have no idea why I did not bother to take any time to look into what they could offer me. They have been in business for many years, and I would have switched over to their service years ago had I looked into it. Their service is pretty low cost for all that you get with it, and the price of cable is pretty high in my area, so keeping what I had means that I spent money that I did not have to for offerings that I was not impressed with.

There have been so many occasions where I have flipped on a movie channel to try to find a movie to watch, only to learn that it was the same movie that channel replayed 4 other times that week. But with Netflix, I can choose from thousands of things to watch at any given time, and the update their show library once every month. I have not grown bored of it at any point because there is just so much to see and watch, no matter what time of the day I log into the site.